On Your

On YourKnees!

My name is Victoria and I’ve always been a sexually ferocious, liberated, and dominant woman who isn’t afraid to get what she wants. I first discovered the sexually rewarding world of foot fetishes when I was 18, after a long sex session with a hung lover.

I sucked his soul out with my pussy as he pumped his seed into breedable, blonde pussy. He pulled out of me in a lust-fuelled haze, dropped to his knees, and sucked my toes in tribute. I subconsciously reached down and fingered myself to one of the most powerful orgasms I’ve ever experienced.

Tne years have passed since then, and I’ve thrown myself deep down the rabbit hole of foot fetishism. So much so that I even made a career out of it.

The heart of my kink is firmly within my feet, and I have many subservient followers who have dedicated themselves to trying to find it. I pride myself on the harem of pathetic, sole sniffing, sweat-licking men who have dropped to their knees to join my proverbial harem of foot slaves.

Such experience comes with great responsibility. I decided to form Barefoot Bitch to share the beautifully forbidden joys of foot fetish to people worldwide, connect with like-minded kinksters and expand the ranks of my collection of male and female foot slaves.

Want to join them? Reach out to me below...