An Interview With Victoria: The Barefoot Bitch!

Since starting my Barefoot Bitch blog, I’ve had a lot of men lusting after me and begging to drop to their knees and worship my pretty lil’ feet.

So, to tease you all even more, I wanted to give you a better insight into me and my perverted ways. In this interview, I reveal everything from my toes to my titties, and you really don’t want to miss what I have to say!

Kindly introduce yourself (background, straight or bisexual, your dominant position in the foot fetish community, etc.)

Hello there, I’m Victoria – a sexually ferocious, bisexual, naturally dominant woman who isn’t afraid of getting what she wants. I particularly have a fetish for my perfect feet being worshipped and adored.

How did you first discover your love of foot fetishism, and what is it that attracts you to feet?

I first discovered my love of foot fetishism when I was 18 after a particularly horny sex session with my hung lover.

After making him cum hard inside my juicy blonde pussy, he began licking and sucking my toes with such passion I couldn’t help but finger myself so hard and fast, feeling his cum oozing out of me, my orgasm reached a new high. I was hooked.

What are your top wildest, most memorable sexual experiences? (In general, not just foot fetish-related)

My most memorable sexual experience has to be at a local sex club. For my first time going there, I ended up in the middle of a hot sticky orgy with cum being shot and splattered all over my face and tits, as well as being ridden hard by a group of older men… I came hard myself several times that night.

You’re also a Domme. What are your favourite ways to dominate, humiliate and bend men at your will and why?

I must say there’s nothing I enjoy more than verbally humiliating a pathetic ‘man’ by taking the piss out of the size of his manhood. Small penis humiliation is easily achieved when you have gorgeous Amazonian woman feet, add a dose of pointing and laughing, and men who enjoy that particular fetish are putty in My hands. I then find that links in nicely to Financial Domination – nothing gets me wetter than a professional man going weak at the knees wanting to tribute me all his hard-earned cash (apart from fucking his cock with my feet, of course).

What role does porn play in your kink? (Do you watch a lot, favourite pornstars, genres, etc.)

I’m a self-confessed porn addict – I enjoy a whole range of genres from lesbian tribbing to gay orgies, real-life amateur fucking in public, to bisexual cuckolding. My sexual likes are very broad. It seems, if I’m in the mood for some girl-on-girl action, my type is blonde-haired, big-boobed, curvy with a nice fat juicy pussy… and now, I’m going to have to watch some porn just typing about that…

What are your most memorable foot fetish experiences you’ve been lucky enough to experience?

By far, the most exciting was being worshipped by a couple – having both a man and a woman worshipping my beautiful Goddess feet truly was mindblowing. Giving a foot job whilst having my feet and pussy licked felt out of this world.

You often sell used panties, socks, shoes etc. Does it turn you on to know kinksters are using them for pleasure? If so, why?

Of course! Knowing these naughty boys and girls are enjoying my scent makes my pussy tingle and throb. The reason? Because I enjoy the power I have over people when they fall to my knees/fall head over heels in lust with me.

What are your top three filthiest foot fetish fantasies you want to live out one day?

I want a whole room where I can splodge until my heart’s content! I adore the squishy feeling of food between my toes and watching men’s dicks harden as my toes sink into a huge yummy cake!

Another fantasy is to have an all-girl orgy where ladies are literally falling at my beautiful feet wanting to massage them, lick and suck them, whilst I have sexy girls willing to tribute me by licking and sucking my pussy until I squirt all over their gorgeous faces. Heaven.

Last, but by no means least, I want a group of men with hard dicks all lined up, waiting impatiently for a first-class foot job from yours truly. I want the guys to desire my feet so fucking much they are literally fighting to be the next lucky footboy in line for a milking. That would be SO hot. 

What advice would you give to people who want to explore their foot fetish but don’t know where to begin?

Explore all the kinky porn you can and get a feel for what makes you tick. If you’re ready to make the next step (meeting a real woman with sexy feet who’s into your kink) then there are plenty of dating sites for kinky types. Strike up a convo and get playing – however always be careful when meeting someone you talk to online – always begin with facetime and then progress to meeting in a public place to ensure you don’t get catfished!

When it comes to feet (celebs, pornstars, etc.) whose feet make you wet the most and why?

The sexiest feet are owned by pornstar Jessa Rhodes – from the perfect pedicure to the unique cute toes – I could watch her give footjobs over and over again.. She makes my pussy soaking wet just imagining her toes tickling my hard throbbing clit.


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My name is Victoria and I’ve always been a sexually ferocious, liberated, and dominant woman who isn’t afraid to get what she wants. The heart of my kink is firmly within my feet, and I have many subservient followers who have dedicated themselves to trying to find it. I pride myself on the harem of pathetic, sole-sniffing, sweat-licking men who have dropped to their knees to join my proverbial harem of foot slaves. Such experience comes with great responsibility. I decided to form Barefoot Bitch to share the beautifully forbidden joys of foot fetish to people worldwide, connect with like-minded kinksters and expand the ranks of my collection of male and female foot slaves.