The Universal Guide To The Best Foot Fetish Sites (Top 6!)

There’s much to rejoice about in the post-Fifty Shades of Grey world, not least because the kinkster scene is much more widely accepted and more mainstream than ever.

This means a few things, but the most important are that (a) it’s easier to ‘come out’ as a kinkster and (b) it’s easier to find like-minded people with whom to explore your fetishes. 

Even if you’re not necessarily in the market for meeting someone, there are other ways of satisfying your needs.

Specialist kinkster porn sites can offer you a way to scratch that itch without ever leaving your home. 

So far, so good. But there are a lot of porn and dating sites out there, even for kinksters. How are you to find the cream of the crop? 

That’s where I come in. My particular niche is feet, and I speak from experience when I say I’m far from alone (and, since you’re reading this article, I can only assume I can count you among my number).

Interest in foot fetishism has exploded in recent years, and that’s great news for a dom like me, who enjoys watching foot-fetish videos and finding a steady supply of men to worship at my feet. 

Because I’m a generous, giving sort, I’m here to share my experiences with you and tell you which foot fetish sites are the best for finding people who share your interest in foot fetishism.

Don’t waste your time scrabbling around bottom-of-the-barrel sites and apps full of ads and bots, and get to the good stuff faster.

Join me as I count down the best foot fetish sites out there.

Ideal For: 

Hardcore BDSM foot-fetish porn. Overview 

A more straight-up kinky alternative to the likes of PornHub (which is fine, but much more of a generalist website with all that implies), is packed to the brim with all manner of fetish videos to satisfy every nasty little urge you could ever have. doesn’t skimp on its foot fetish subcategory. Three dedicated channels cater to every foot-fetish fantasy: Hot Legs and Feet is the most ‘vanilla’ of the three options, featuring plenty of barefoot, footjob and lesbian foot-fetish action. is much more hardcore and blends BDSM and domination themes with footplay, featuring plenty of femdom videos and forced foot worship.

Finally, there’s Foot Worship, which combines the two and offers something for everyone (‘everyone’ being foot fetishists). 

How much is

A basic monthly membership costs £35.99 and gets cheaper the longer you pay upfront, up to £13.42 for a year-long subscription.

Membership gives you access to over 2000 hours of HD video and millions of high-resolution photos. 

Adult Friend Finder 

Ideal If: 

Looking for a foot-fetish hook-up.

Adult Friend Finder Overview  

The go-to dating site for those who want to skip the ‘looking for long-term committed relationship’-ness of apps like Tinder is Adult Friend Finder.

AFF has a massive user base (5.5 million hits a month) for a reason – because there are plenty of people out there who aren’t looking for a lifelong commitment and just wanna get their toes sucked. 

I fall into the latter category, and Adult Friend Finder is great for my purposes.

People on the AFF site are honest and direct – a refreshing change from places like Tinder, and it shouldn’t be too hard to find what you’re looking for as long as your profile is fleshed-out and accurate (no ten-year-old pictures!). 

The blog feature is one aspect of Adult Friend Finder that’s great for fetishists. Any user can post a blog to their profile, and a good many foot fetishists on the site have posted anecdotes, footplay-centred fiction, frank descriptions of their fantasies, and much more.

It’s a great resource for those looking for inspiration (so to speak) or who simply enjoy reading content produced by like-minded people. 

How Much Is Adult Friend Finder? 

With a great reputation comes a great price tag. Adult Friend Finder costs about £35/month, with that monthly price tag getting lower the more you purchase upfront.

It also has limited free functionality. 

Ideal For: 

Those seeking daily updates on the best foot-fetish videos out there. Overview 

Foot Maniacs styles itself as a blog, except that it isn’t really a blog – it’s a gateway to foot fetish videos elsewhere on the net.

Though it seems like you’ll be checking out plenty of naughty short stories about footplay of various flavors, each blog post is simply a short description of a video hosted elsewhere. 

Not that there’s anything wrong with this, of course: Foot Maniacs is a bit like the New York Times of foot fetishism, throwing you push notifications to keep you apprised of all the best videos hitting the web daily. 

It’s divided into several categories, making it easier to find the things that rev your engine. From lesbian footplay to footjobs and foot worship, Foot Maniacs makes it really easy to choose your poison and get to it. 

How Much Is itself is free, although each post is simply a brief description of a video or gallery elsewhere, and when clicking through, you may end up on a paid website. 


Ideal For: 

Those who are looking for POV foot porn. Obviously. 

FeetishPOV Overview

The POV porn family has several websites under its umbrella, but it’s the cleverly-named FeetishPOV with which we concern ourselves.

Featuring a growing collection of videos that heavily feature footjobs and other footplay, this POV website is ideal for those who like to put themselves in the driving seat when it comes to watching porn. 

All videos are in 4K, making for a crystal-clear viewing experience.

Though they haven’t yet branched out into the holy grail of POV porn – VR – word has it that this is one the way, making for the most immersive footplay experience you could possibly have without a real partner in the mix. 

How Much Is FeetishPOV?

It’s roughly £30/month and provides access to all the other POV sites under the parent company’s umbrella, such as BackdoorPOV and SchoolPOV (I’m sure you can figure out what goes on on those sites). 

Czech Soles 

Ideal For: 

Those seeking Eastern European women to fulfil their foot-fetish fantasies. 

Czech Soles Overview 

A catch-all website that features webcams, extensive photo galleries, plenty of videos of Czech girls and a members-only section, Czech Soles has something that’s sure to please any and all foot kinkster.

Czech Soles has got you covered whether you’re into foot worship, domination, footjobs, stockings, barefoot play or toe-licking. 

One of the better features of Czech Soles is the request feature, where you can have one of the girls make a custom video for you.

Simply send Czech Soles your requirement, and they’ll have a crystal-clear 4K video featuring the girl(s) of your choice recorded and sent directly to you – and only you. It’s like Cameo, except for foot-fucking. 

Something unique about Czech Soles is its e-shop, in which kinksters can buy women’s used socks and shoes.

A detailed description accompanies each pair of items, and upon request, the girl will wear the items back in for a week or so, making sure that they are redolent with her foot musk. 

How Much Is Czech Soles? 

Czech Soles is around £26 for a single month but gets cheaper if you purchase a recurring subscription – a 180-day subscription, for example, costs about £85, and then £75 thereafter each billing cycle. 

Ideal If: 

You’re looking for an established, quality foot-fetish porn site. Overview 

One of the oldest foot-fetish porn sites around, features an extensive array of videos and photos full of toe-nibbling, sole-licking, BDSM foot domination, sniffing, face-crushing and much more. 

Active since the early 2000s, their back catalog is second to none, and you can find some porn stars on there from days of yore (Asa Akira and Lexi Belle spring to mind). 

Sadly, there is not much in the way of 4K videos on the site, but they are all in HD, and a solid collection grows daily.

Videos can be both streamed and (for members downloaded), and the search filters on the website are robust enough for you to quickly find whatever kind of foot-fetish video you’re looking for. 

 How Much Is is on the cheaper end of the spectrum as far as foot-fetish porn sites go. A 30-day membership is around £20/month, and you can get a three-month subscription for about £45.

There are weekly updates and a massive video archive (again – active since the early 2000s) to keep you occupied while waiting for the next one. 


I’ve only scratched the surface of what the web offers regarding foot fetishism, but hopefully, this gives you an idea of the kind of stuff you can expect.

Whether looking for a foot-fetish fuck-buddy or simply some foot-domination porn, the options have never been better or more varied. Good luck, and happy hunting! 


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