The Best Foot Fetish Games In 2022: A Naughty Guide

Adult gaming, and foot fetish games, in particular, have come on leaps and bounds since video games started paying attention to the subgenre in roughly 1982.

Gone are the days of tasteless (and graphically limited) titles like Custer’s Revenge and Leisure Suit Larry; nowadays, we have photorealistic 4K renditions of famous fictional characters fucking each other raw in every conceivable position and even beautifully rendered VR porn.

Hell, in another ten years, we’ll likely have integrated sex toys for a virtual experience that’s so much like actual fucking; it’ll probably be better than actual fucking. 

Another benefit of the golden age of video gaming (and sex games in particular) that we now find ourselves in is the fact that niche interests and kinks are catered to like never before.

Foot fetishism is no different. 

Why Should We Listen To You? 

Because I’m the real deal with it comes not only to foot fetishism but to adult gaming. I’ve been active in the foot fetish community (both online and off) for more than ten years.

I’m a long-time gamer who’s very much into exploring the (let’s face it, often subpar) adult gaming subgenre.

If there’s an adult game, you can rest assured that I’ve played it and have a strong opinion. 

So, without further ado, let’s take a look at the top five foot fetish games in 2022. 

BDSM Simulator 

One of the best fetish-focused simulators around is, as you might expect, one that’s great for foot fetishists.

Though the focus of the main title is firmly on BDSM pursuits, the fact is that BDSM Simulator is actually a sort of gateway to a site with hundreds of adult games – more than one of which is focused on foot fetishism. 

Once you’ve played the introductory flagship title – a 3D sim of a bondage dungeon where you can go to town on the bound girl of your choice – you’ll be taken to the BDSM Simulator hub, which has the aforementioned hundreds of titles.

The left-hand side features a search function and filters, which makes it really easy to pick out the niche you’re looking for. And your niche, I’m guessing, is much like mine – foot fetishism. 

BDSM Simulator isn’t just about the games, though. As part of your membership, you’ll get access to a massive video archive covering just about every fetish imaginable – all of which can be either streamed or downloaded.

They also have a huge collection of movies ripped from DVDs (I know, what is this – 2006?) that can similarly be streamed or downloaded. All videos and movies are included as part of your subscription. 

How Much Is BDSM Simulator? 

The site offers a free 2-day trial with unrestricted access to the site during that time. After your trial is up, it’s $39.95/month, inclusive of all games on the site and the extensive video/movie archive. 


Less specialist than BDSM Simulator, JerkDolls nonetheless has much to recommend. It’s basically a virtual sex simulator where you create your ideal girl (or take a pre-rendered one based on a character or real-world woman) and then have simulated sex with them using an avatar. 

The graphics on JerkDolls will not tax a high-end gaming PC, but they do the job with nice character models, realistic physics (read: swinging tits and dicks) and high, stable framerates. 

The gameplay, such as it is, is not particularly complex and can hardly be compared to Demon’s Souls, but you’re not playing this for a nuanced tactical challenge – you’re playing it to create and fuck virtual sex dolls. 

And for that, JerkDolls does an admirable job. You have access to any number of positions, sex toys, and fetishes (and yes, that includes things like footjobs or foot worship).

The camera is fully adjustable, and you can position it anywhere around the room and zoom in/out to your heart’s content. 

Best Features Of JerkDolls 

  • High-resolution graphics with realistic lighting, character models, sweat, saliva and cum takes you as close to fucking as you can get without actually doing it 
  • A free two-day trial allows you to take the game out for a test drive before you decide if you want to pay for it or not 
  • Fully mobile-compatible for when you’re in the mood for some alfresco wanking 

Sex Emulator 

Sex Emulator is another ‘gateway’ game that acts as the store front for a website with hundreds of different games.

As soon as you hit the site, you’ll be given a restricted version of the game to play around with, which features photorealistic character models (including some famous ones, like Daenerys Targaryen or Rey Skywalker) shoving dildos in their asses or showing off their feet for your viewing pleasure. 

Unlike some of the other games on this list, Sex Emulator actually features a plot of sorts, where you will lead your self-created sexy lady through a bunch of adventures.

You’ll often be called upon to make a choice or two, and then you’ll get down to fucking. 

The gameplay isn’t going to win any GOTY records, but it does the job and adds a little flavor to what might otherwise be a dull affair.

After all, some of us need a little context and background to our porn, and it’s nice to see a game that focuses on that a little more rather than just going all-in on the porn. 

Why Everyone Loves Sex Emulator 

  • Hundreds more games beyond the flagship one, giving you potentially thousands of hours of content all for one price 
  • Thousands of hours of free HD video porn, to either stream or download 
  • A variety of live cam girls as part of the package – no extra payment necessary

Craving Quest 

A Hentai JRPG (Japanese RPG) that actually features a fair amount of gameplay to go along with its porn elements, Craving Quest is a popular adult game that is a little like playing Final Fantasy, except with plenty of hardcore sex. 

There’s nothing original or particularly interesting about Craving Quest’s “the world has been overrun with monsters!” storyline, but it has more than a few strings to its bow nonetheless.

It’s really quite novel that an adult game is actually a game first and foremost, and a pretty good one on top of that.

The combat is satisfying, the visuals are great, and the cutscenes where everyone gets to fucking look great.

Said cutscenes are non-interactive, but it’s not as if you want your hands actually occupied during such moments, is it? 

Another great thing about Craving Quest is that it’s 100% free. It features a bunch of unlockables and micro-transactions if that’s your bag, but you don’t have to buy these things to make the most of the game.

It just means that you’ll have to grind for a bit longer to unlock things. And when things look this good, grinding is not that much of a chore. 

This one’s great for those who like a little foot in their porn, too; without giving too much away, some of the optional side quests for the female sidekicks result in a good dose of foot action if you so desire (of course you do). 

Why Craving Quest Will Lead You Lusting For More

  • A fully functional, fleshed-out video game, even without the added extras 
  • Fantastically realized storyline that incorporates the sex scenes as an integral part of its narrative – perfect for those who like a little depth in their games 
  • Entirely free to play – no hidden ‘please input your card details’ features; you can play entirely with a free account 

Railway Sex 

The second Hentai game on our list, Railway Quest, is less JRPG and more visual novel in which you direct the action.

Railway Quest’s narrative won’t be winning the Booker Prize anytime soon, but it doesn’t really need to; you are a railway commuter, there are some hot ladies on the train, and you’re going to fuck them. How long you fuck them for, and in what position, are entirely up to you. 

Uniquely, it’s possible to end a sex scene earlier than you might like due to the game’s use of QTEs (quick-time events).

These QTEs require fast reaction times, so you might want to keep at least one hand close to the keyboard to not cock-block yourself. 

Once you’ve finished a scene, you can go back and watch the whole thing from start to finish; this is perfect if you had a favorite scene that you couldn’t fully enjoy at the time, rest assured that you’ll be able to return to it and make the most of it.

It’s also possible to redo the scene fully, changing the decisions that you made last time and thus altering the outcome of a scene (and the sex that goes on within the scene). 

Why You Should Board This Kinky Train 

  • Fantastic, fully 3D hentai-style visuals that pull you right into the action 
  • Replayable scenes mean that you can explore the possibilities offered by each one, even if you missed things on your first playthrough 
  • A large variety of different girls and sex scenes to check out 


To sum up, there is a wealth of premium porn games currently on the market that any foot fetishist worth their salt will adore playing.

Whatever kind of game you’re looking for to scratch that foot-fetish itch, I hope I’ve managed to cover it with the above five titles and inspire your gaming journey.

This Fetish Of Ours is becoming increasingly mainstream daily. As it does, we’re sure to see more quality foot-fetish content not just as a niche thing in other adult games but increasingly as the star of the show in titles focused exclusively on fetish content.

Watch this space for the latest developments in foot fetish games, and make the most of the available content right now! 

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Disclaimer: This guide to unmissable foot fetish games may contain affiliate links to games I’ve personally tested and recommended. When a purchase is made through these links, I may receive a small commission at no additional cost to you.


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