A Taboo Family Foot Fetish Tale (True!)

When his cock erupted over my sweaty feet under the table, I was sure his family knew. Did they? Read this truly taboo family foot fetish story to find out!

His name was Dean. We’d met in the same place I often seek out foot slaves, Adult Friend Finder, and had gone on several filthy, foot fetish-themed dates together.

We’d been seeing each other for just over a month. However, as our foot kink relationship progressed, I decided to put him to the test by making him withhold his cum for two weeks.

However, like many men, Dean wasn’t well-versed in etiquette when it came to casual dating through apps like Adult Friend Finder.

Something I discovered when he invited me to what I thought would be another naughty get-together, only to discover he’d invited me to a family dinner.

“My filthy feet were caked in a blend of dick sweat and cum, but I ensured Dean didn’t leave an inch uncleaned. I stuffed my sticky toes deep into his throat until he gagged on his own stale semen.”

Ironically, I planned to finally release Dean from his no-cumming vow and finally fuck him. Up until now, he’d only played with my feet, so my wet pussy would be the ultimate reward for his bout of torturous chastity.

When I arrived and saw his entire family, I was introduced as Dean’s semi-girlfriend. Which was a fucking lie. We were fuck buddies at best. Nevertheless, escape wasn’t an option.

I sat at the dinner table and talked with Dean’s family. Over twelve people sat around the table, with Dean directly opposite me.

I was furious but, of course, I couldn’t show it. However, I knew exactly how to get revenge on my date. It involved taking control of his cock in front of his entire family.

A Footjob Under The Table

Under the table, I was wearing a pair of slip-on black heels, a miniskirt and no panties. I could feel the cool air under the table kiss my wet pussy as I chatted with his grandma.

Dean was dressed casually in a pair of light-grey joggers (my weakness!), making it exceptionally easy to access his cock through the material or without.

When I slipped out of my heel and slid the bare sole of my foot along his calf, I watched the blood drain from Dean’s face. He knew I was a naughty bitch, and once I was horny, there was no stopping me.

In shock, he was unable to move. Regardless, he had nowhere to go anyway. Being a woman, I can multitask, but this fucker certainly couldn’t.

It made my pussy throb and drip to watch him squirm and stutter under the whim of my foot. The best part? I hadn’t even gotten started yet. My

As dinner went on, his family remained unaware as I lightly kicked their relative in the balls and crushed his dick into him with my bare naked foot.

It was sheer torture, both for him and for the lust deep within my pussy. But fuck… I loved it! After a few hours, the plates began disappearing, and dinner was over.

Dean’s family dispersed around the house. Some went to the kitchen to help wash up; others retired to the coach nearby to chat and watch TV. But I had Dean locked to the table.

Nobody batted an eye that we remained sat at the table and assumed we were just two lovebirds seeking some quiet time together. How wrong they were!

At this point, Dean’s cock was bursting through the grey material of his joggers. Exploring with my big toe, I discovered a patch of sticky pre-cum had formed. How embarrassing!

No wonder he didn’t want to stand up from the table and escape this humiliating and awkward scenario. A merciful woman would have stopped now, but I’m a ruthless bitch.

When I discovered his wet patch, I probed his crotch harder with my foot. Then, leaning on the table with my elbows, I lifted my feet and gently pulled his joggers down with my toes.

I felt Dean’s meaty dick spring out and bounce wildly under the table before I tamed it like a wild horse between the soles of my feet.

“He looked into my eyes for help, not knowing what to do. Instead, I just giggled at this pathetic male drenched in his own sperm at a woman’s feet.”

Using his oozing precum for lube, I slowly began to pump my feet and watched with glee as he struggled to stop his eyes from rolling.

“Would you two like another drink?” Dean’s mum asked us, unaware.

“Ugghnnn… Yeah! Yes, please!” Dean stuttered whilst I didn’t retreat an inch.

After using mostly the soles of my feet, I gripped his shaft with all ten toes and began to give him a proper footjob.

I could hear the sloppy sounds of my feet’s flesh connecting with his pre-cum soaked cock meat. Thank goodness the TV was on loud, or surely the family would have heard it too.

I took delight in maintaining conversation with Dean whilst he struggled even to form a sentence back. His family must have thought he was socially awkward around girls like me.

Stop… I’m Begging You!

After five minutes of a sloppy footjob, a look of impending terror was spreading over Dean’s face. He was staring me in the eyes, trying to convey a message without saying it.

“P…. ple… please stop!” Dean uttered under his breath, trying to be as discreet as possible, “I’m begging you!”

“Fuck you,” I whispered with a grin. “Make me!”

I honestly thought he was overreacting like most fucking men always do. But oh boy, he really wasn’t.

As my soles worked across his greasy shaft, he suddenly gripped the table so hard it moved. Underneath, I felt a stream of white-hot spunk pour all over my dainty, sweaty feet.

Bear in mind that Dean hadn’t emptied his balls for two weeks. The amount of jizz that launched out was ridiculous. My tiny feet didn’t stand a chance at catching it all.

Sneaking a glance under the table, I saw his own cum had splattered on his sweatpants and poured down onto the floor. Dean was struggling to maintain his post-orgasm breathing in his panic.

He looked into my eyes for help, not knowing what to do. Instead, I just giggled at this pathetic male drenched in his own sperm at a woman’s feet.

I wanted to rub my clit to orgasm at the humiliating sight in front of me, but Dean’s family were too close to us. I went to the bathroom, sat on the toilet, and made my pussy erupt.

When I came back downstairs, a tipsy member of Dean’s family was now sitting at the table with him, making conversation. His face was bright red and plastered with fear.

After revelling in his defeat for ten minutes, I slipped back into my heels and knocked his drink over on purpose.

“Ohh, no! I’m so sorry!” I feigned whilst running into the kitchen to grab some kitchen roll, “I’ll get this cleaned up!”

As I went to the kitchen, I could feel Dean’s spunk crushed between my toes and my shoes. It was a beautiful feeling!

The family member left, and I threw the kitchen roll to Dean so he could pretend to clean up the drink and wipe the spunk from his pants and off the floor.

As soon as he got the chance, he ran upstairs to get changed whilst I sat with his family on the couch.

After twenty minutes, I could smell the unmistakable scent of stale cum from my shoes. No doubt the rest of his family could, too; they probably didn’t know what it was.

Dean’s Old Room

When the conversation switched to Dean’s upbringing, we got onto the topic of his old room. To embarrass him, his family insisted he shows me his old bedroom.

Dean, eager to get me out of the room and regretting his life choice of inviting me to dinner, was only too keen. We soon headed upstairs for a brief private moment away from the others.

“What the fuck is wrong with you?” Dean said angrily, “any of my family could have caught us!”

“We’re fuck buddies! What the fuck is wrong with you inviting me to family dinners?” I said whilst ignoring the room I was supposed to be checking out. “You spunked all over my foot, and now my heels are ruined”.

Suddenly, I pushed Dean back onto a chair in the room and sat on the bed. I had one last humiliation in mind.

“Look what you’ve done,” I said seductively whilst removing one of my heels to reveal a foot covered in his dried cum, “look at the mess you’ve made. That needs to be cleaned, doesn’t it?”

Still shocked and ashamed of what happened downstairs, Dean hesitated to lick my filthy cum-soaked feet. But he jumped into action when I suggested I might ask somebody downstairs to clean them instead.

My filthy feet were caked in a blend of dick sweat and cum, but I ensured Dean didn’t leave an inch uncleaned. I stuffed my sticky toes deep into his throat until he gagged on his own stale semen.

Using one of his old t-shirts to wipe his spit from my feet, I kissed him to say thank you and share the divine taste of my feet before returning downstairs.

Family Foot Fetish Experiences Aren’t For Everyone

When I finally left, Dean’s mum hugged me goodbye and waved me down the driveway. Little did she know what I’d been up to in the heart of her house.

As for Dean, it was all too much for him; he’d clearly bitten off more than he could chew. I found his profile on Adult Friend Finder was deleted.

But it doesn’t matter; it didn’t take me long to find my next foot slave on Adult Friend Finder. And the story that followed was significantly wilder than this family foot fetish tale!

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