Top 5 Hypnotic Foot Fetish Cam Sites In 2022

Cam sites are, simply put, personalized porn. It’s porn where the performer on the other end calls you by name, responds to what you say or do, and – crucially – helps you act out your deepest fantasies. 

This is fantastic for everyone, but particularly for fetishists – foot fetishists included.

You can, in an instant, have the performer of your dreams lubing up their feet and going to town exactly the way you request, saying exactly what you want them to say.

Some people wonder why people would pay for cam-site performances in this day and age – precisely because of this sort of interactivity and responsiveness! 

With that in mind, let’s look at some of the biggest cam sites and why they’re perfect for foot fetishists. 


The queen of cam sites and the biggest player around, LiveJasmin is one of the OG cam sites, and it’s still going strong – and with the quality of the product on display, it’s not hard to see why. 

LiveJasmin has had a long time to hone their cam game, and the end result is almost entirely HD feeds across the board and some of the best-looking cam performers in the game.

And speaking of their performers – no other cam site even approaches the number and variety that you’ll find on LiveJasmin, each with detailed bios that go into their likes and kinks to ensure that you’re able to find someone who aligns with your own desires. 

LiveJasmin also has fantastic 24/7 customer support that responds instantly and a solid cam-to-cam setup for those looking to be a more intimate part of the action with their chosen performer. 

Is LiveJasmin Good For Foot Fetishists? 

It’s not just good – it’s one of the best. With their impressive and varied roster of performers, many are willing to accommodate footplay.

They’re very much into it and willing to get right into your foot-worship desires. And there’s nothing hotter than someone who’s truly into it, not just playing a role. 

How Much Is LiveJasmin? 

As with any cam site, there are a whole bunch of options, from one-on-one sessions to group chats and the option to take a peek at someone else’s private session. 

LiveJasmin has a proprietary credit system, where one credit is roughly approximate to $1. This makes it really easy to figure out how much stuff costs. 

A one-on-one session with your average performer will cost about $2/min and may run you a little extra if you’d like to enable two-way audio or video.

If you’re budget-conscious, you can opt into a VIP show (a group show) and get a 15-minute show for $1-3.

Do note that you’re not going to be able to direct the action quite as much as you might like, however, if opting for the latter option. 


A fantastic budget site that sacrifices a little bit of quality for pretty good savings compared to sites like LiveJasmin, ImLive lets you get some intimate one-to-one cam sessions with your favorite performers for much cheaper.

You can also join a performer’s discount club to get access to their entire back-catalog of videos, which is a great deal! 

Another nifty feature of ImLive is its multiple-viewing feature, where you can check out cam-feeds from up to six performers at once. This is a great way of trying before you buy. 

Is ImLive Good For Foot Fetishists? 

It’s perfect for foot fetishists due to its ‘Fulfill Your Fantasy’ feature, in which you are solicited by performers rather than the other way around.

Simply post the details of your chosen fetish (which we’re guessing might have something to do with feet), and you’ll soon have performers DM’ing you, eager to give you a private performance that revolves around your fetish.

You’ll be swimming in shapely feet for days! 

How Much Is ImLive? 

You can get talented amateurs for around $1/min, but as with LiveJasmin, the prices go up the more experienced/attractive the performer.

You can get a candy show (ImLive’s term for a group show) for $3-5; the shows can run up to 20 minutes, so it’s great value.

Again, though, you won’t be able to customize that quite as much as you might have liked. 


The new kid on the block CamSoda, with its easy-to-use interface and clean, crisp presentation, makes a great first impression straight out of the gate.

It’s also surprisingly given as a free experience, with many models openly naked and/or playing with toys on their free feeds. 

CamSoda is more of a “freemium” site than some of its competitors; with many girls willing to do stuff for free, viewers might simply pay to activate sex toys or send gifts in exchange for requests. 

That said, you can still get private shows where you can direct the action more to your liking. These can be a little more expensive than equivalent shows on other sites, but it’s possible to find cheaper performers with a little hunting around. 

Is CamSoda Good For Foot Fetishists? 

It may not sport the breadth or quality of performers you’d find on LiveJasmin, nor the convenience of ImLive’s ‘Fulfill your Fantasy’ feature, but CamSoda is likely the only place where you might find a simulated footjob performance for free.

And you can always ask your performer to do foot-related stuff in return for a one-off gift. 

How much is CamSoda? 

CamSoda is, as mentioned, largely usable at the free level, but you may want to upgrade your experience.

You do this by buying ‘tokens’, which cost about $0.10 each. Tokens can be used to tip models (often used to activate sex toys) or pay for private shows. 

Tokens can be bought in bundles as small as 100 or all the way up to 550. As is always the case, the more you buy, the cheaper it gets.

A diverse site with a great selection of models and fantastic search filters, is a strong cam site that’s fantastic for those looking to scratch their foot-fetish itch (or any other kind of itch, for that matter). has a clean, accessible homepage with a bunch of thumbnails that will load the performer’s current stream when hovered over, making it quick and easy to find someone you’re interested in. The aforementioned search filters make things even faster. also features a robust remote-sex-toy feature, allowing viewers to manipulate a variety of sex toys via the platform and allowing them to be directly responsible for all the cries and moans coming from their favorite performer. 

Is good for foot fetishists? 

It sure is – one of its search filter hotkeys, visible directly to the left on the homepage, is simply ‘foot fetish’, and will narrow your main feed down to ladies who are willing to indulge that fetish (and there are many). It couldn’t be easier! 

How much is operates on a credit system like other cam sites, wherein you can pay a certain number of credits to buy gifts, buzz sex toys and initiate private or group shows. 

A private show translates to about $2.50/min, and if you want to add cam-to-cam functionality to that, it will cost around $1/min extra.

You can also get in on group shows, known as ‘goal shows’, which cost between $3-5 for the whole show of around 10-20 minutes. 


Home of the infamous pre-registration mini-game/interactive porn video, which sees you picking a performer (or performers) and having her (or them) pleasure herself (or themselves) in various ways for you, JerkMate brings a slick package and a great website from the get-go, immediately drawing you in and making you want to stick around for more. 

There is a free taster site after completing the mini-game, which gives you an idea of what to expect but not much control – the feeds you see are randomized, and you don’t really have too much control until after you register. 

Registration is nice and simple. However – you need simply validate your email address – and once you’ve done it, you can check out the main site.

Even as a free user, you’ve plenty of opportunities to see performers showing a lot of skin and maybe even indulging in some light sex acts. 

Is JerkMate Good For Foot Fetishes? 

JerkMate’s filters have a dedicated ‘foot fetish’ sub-filter, and there are a great many performers who are into footplay at any given time of day.

In fact, JerkMate has a staggering 70,000+ performers interested in footplay! 

What are the options on JerkMate? 

JerkMate works a little differently from other cam sites in that it has a unique payment system, whereby you are charged at the end of a private session instead of paying coins upfront or during.

This means that you won’t be cut off during, but it also means that you can run up quite the bill if you’re not keeping one eye on the time. 

Private chats cost between $1-4/min depending on the rate the girl sets and can be made extra-private (no peekers) for an additional fee.

It’s also possible to get a group show – called a ‘gold show’ in the parlance of JerkMate – which varies depending on the rate the performer sets and how quickly the contributing viewers attain that rate.

You can put in as little or as much as you want, and the show will start once the girl’s stated rate has been hit. 

Another great feature of Jerkmate is block sessions, whereby you pay for a set amount of time (e.g. 15/30/45 minutes) with commensurately greater discounts the lengthier the time.

This is a solid way to ensure that you can set the amount of time you want without forgetting and going overboard. 


There are many more cam sites, but rest assured, the five listed are easily the best for foot-fetish enthusiasts.

Accept no substitutes and track down only the finest footplay girls out there with these five cam sites! 


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