The Ultimate Cuckold Feet Experience (Sweaty Story!)

If you’re a regular reader, you’ll know I often stalk the profiles on hookup apps like Adult Friend Finder to find my latest slaves.

However, I often put them through a series of tests before they get anywhere near the scent of my divine feet. Ryan’s situation was no different.

Ryan was in his mid-30s. He was good-looking and in shape but as far from an alpha male as you could possibly get. This was a good thing because he was also a self-confessed cuckold.

I always have room for a dedicated cuckold feet slave in my naughty little harem, and Ryan contacted me right around when my car was undergoing repairs for weeks.

After swapping dirty pics with this beta male cuckold feet addict and telling him about my car-related plight, he offered to drive me around until my car was fixed just for the chance to be in my company.

For over a month, Ryan was my pathetic little cabbie tasked with chauffering me around and bringing my friends and me to nightclubs and swinger parties.

Of course, this little cucky stayed in the car whilst we had fun, but there was some mercy in my leather-clad body, and, in return, I decided to reward Ryan with the ultimate cuckold feet experience.

The Swingers Club

It was a Saturday night. My equally promiscuous and sexually liberated friends and I were downing pre-drinks in anticipation of a big night out in local pubs and clubs.

Getting a taxi is usually a nightmare where I live on a Saturday night. Luckily, I had a willing cuckold feet slave who was keen on pleasing me in any way possible.

Within an hour, Ryan was at my door and at my service to ferry my friends and me around various clubs and bars. Of course, all the girls knew how Ryan and I knew each other.

We partied, danced, and drank until we were a loud, staggering, and audacious gaggle of drunken women.

I’d danced and walked so much that I could feel a pool of sweat gathering in my leather heels. But sadly, we’d had no luck finding guys for casual sex.

“Fuck this; let’s head to the swingers club!” My friend Michelle bellowed as we piled into Ryan’s car, “Ryan! Take us to get some cock! Just not yours!” She howled.

I almost felt sorry for Ryan as he dropped us at the neon-lit doorway of my local swingers club. He had to sit and watch as three sexually ferocious women left him to get fucked senseless.

“On the drive back, Steph kicked off her heels and rested her feet on the dashboard. The smell of sweat and sex filled the car and pulsed through the vehicle like a heartbeat.”

“Don’t worry, babe!” I said whilst holding his cheek and kissing him deeply, “you’ll get your little cuckold reward when we’re finished later tonight, ok? Now, sit and wait patiently.”

As we walked to the swingers club, I saw Ryan rubbing his pathetic cock through his pants as our asses shook and our heels snapped across the ground.

Inside, the club was booming! The swingers club was holding an anniversary party, with many chances to play—all of which we took full advantage of.

In a drunken sexual rampage, I was spit-roasted by two black men, rode a married man whilst his wife watched and fingered herself, and sucked countless cocks at the Gloryhole.

When my heels weren’t on, my feet had tramped across some of the stickiest corners of the club through used condoms, puddles of spunk, and sexual layers of male and female sweat.

When we finally staggered out around five hours later, one of the girls hooked up with the two black guys and went home with them. Steph and I got back into Ryan’s car, stinking of sex.

“Oh, Ryan!” I slurred in a raspy voice after deepthroating so much cock, “you have no idea what you missed in there. It was a filthy night. But you’re going to clean us up. Take us home!”

On the drive back, Steph kicked off her heels and rested her feet on the dashboard. The smell of sweat and sex filled the car and pulsed through the vehicle like a heartbeat.

“Put them back on, babe!” I ordered Steph, “you’re going to make this cuck crash the car, and I want to keep all the smell in for what I have planned for this pathetic little cunt!”

The Filthiest Cuckold Feet Experience

In my living room, Steph and I relaxed on the couch and played music as Ryan made our drinks in the kitchen like a pathetic personal servant.

When he returned, I ordered him to strip and drop onto his knees, then demanded that he gently remove our filthy heels and clean them with his mouth.

When Ryan slipped off our high heels, the soft skin on both our feet was glowing in a glaze of sweat and goodness knows what. I saw his eyes almost roll in ecstasy from the sight.

“You’re loving that, aren’t you?” I slurred whilst sipping my drink, “get those heels sparkling, you fucking pervert!”

Watching Ryan’s younger cuckold tongue slide all over the filthy crevices of our heels was enough to make me question my foot fetish boundaries.

Years of stale alcohol, old cum, and the filth of the street had been absorbed into our slutty footwear, but lust guided him forward and made him suck every sordid stain out and swallow it.

Steph and I wiggled our toes as the sweaty musk of our feet continued to fill the room. I saw Ryan breathing heavily in a not-so-discreet attempt to absorb our scent.

“Focus on our shoes!” Steph said, lightly kicking him in the chest, “clean them first, and you might get a chance to worship our feet afterwards!”

Over an hour, this cuckold feet pervert has turned our sordid and rotten heels into what looked like brand-new shoes.

He’d earned his reward, but it certainly wasn’t going to be a kiss.

The Cuckold Foot Fetish Reward

Sitting opposite us on a stool, we took turns resting a foot on Ryan’s crotch as he performed a deep massage on our stinking feet. His cock was a quivering mess under the soles of our feet.

The entire time, he thanked us for allowing him the privilege of performing such a pathetic, demeaning task. In return, I’d wiggle my sticky, sweaty toes under his nose for him to huff the scent.

His foot massage skills were on point, and his fingers felt divine on our weary, sweaty feet that had seen so much action that night.

Steph and I tortured Ryan throughout the massage by flashing him our well-fucked pussies and sweaty tits from under our clothes. If he lost the momentum of the massage, we’d kick him.

Our feet felt like they were floating on air, and the sticky mess of the entire night had now been truly pressed into them like a marinade by Ryan’s hands. It was time for his reward.

Leading him upstairs by the hand, Steph and I lay on our stomachs with our feet hanging off the end of the bed. Ryan was ordered on his knees again and given permission to lick them clean.

“I tried to hold it in and save my bedsheets, but it was no hope. I gushed wildly and ejaculated straight into Ryan’s mouth, causing him to gag and try to pull himself back.”

What a view this cuckold feet pervert had. Staring into the soles of two proud whores and looking up between their long legs to see our audacious pussies on full display.

Despite the sweat, cum, and other sexual bodily fluids ingrained in our feet, Ryan worshipped them as though they were the feet of divine angels.

Steph and I giggled as his tongue flicked across our stinky soles and between our soggy toes. Not one inch of our feet was left untouched by his tongue.

Face to face with Steph; I shared a deep girl-on-girl tonguing with her as I thrust my leg back and fucked Ryan’s throat with my foot.

Looking down, I saw Ryan’s gag reflex had left tears streaming down his face and a layer of foot musk on his skin. There were no limits for this cuckold feet servant.

Ryan had cleaned us immaculately from the tips of our toes to our ankles. The cocktail of sordid flavours in his mouth didn’t bear thinking about. But he was in his element.

The whole cuckold feet experience had gone on for hours. Now, it was time for Steph and me to cum.

Foot Worship Is Thirsty Work

To say Ryan had earned his chance to drink from the divine pink fountains between our legs was an understatement.

After making him wash his mouth out, he was allowed between our legs. His tongue had been working overtime, but this cuckold had life left in him yet!

“Ohh, Ryan! If only you saw what that cunt had experienced tonight!” I laughed as he plunged his tongue into my tender, pink hole. “Alpha men, unlike you, have fucked me raw. Thank fuck that pathetic cucks like you exist to lick us better again, eh?”

As Ryan licked my pussy, Steph moved behind him and played with his cock and balls using her foot, causing him to moan wildly.

He sucked on my clit with the same power he’d used to suck the filth from our heels. Looking into Steph’s corrupting eyes behind him, I came wildly.

I tried to hold it in and save my bedsheets, but it was no hope. I gushed wildly and ejaculated straight into Ryan’s mouth, causing him to gag and try to pull himself back.

Steph promptly placed her foot on the back of his head to force him to drink all of my juices. The sound of Ryan gagging and slurping, combined with my moaning, sent her over the edge.

Steph rubbed her clit with her foot still on the back of Ryan’s head and came loudly before collapsing onto the bed next to me.

“Clean us up, and don’t forget our asses, cucky!” Steph barked at Ryan as his weary face descended into our sloppy holes to get them sparkling.

Fuck Off, Footstool

As the night ended, we returned downstairs to my living room and watched some movies interjected with hardcore porn. But we weren’t finished with Ryan.

On all fours, we used him as a footstool whilst watching TV. His only respite was when we sent him to get us more drinks.

When we decided to call it a night, I showed Ryan to the door and thanked him for his service. In an audacious move, he pathetically muttered a request.

“Would it be ok for me to cum before I leave?” He said with a raging hard-on that was sapping blood flow to his brain.

“Haha! I think all of that foot sweat has made you drunk!” I cackled, “fuck off, footstool!”

With that, I slammed the door on this cuckold feet servant. Despite the humiliation and utter degradation, it didn’t take long before he was messaging me on Adult Friend Finder once again.

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