Wet And Messy (WAM) Sploshing Stories For My Fan’s Birthday

He left my house dazed with the taste of cake and female ejaculate in his mouth. This wet and messy sploshing session guaranteed a birthday he’d never forget.

One of the most rewarding gifts earned from a decade inside the foot fetish community is the array of loyal, toe-sucking, sole sweat-licking fans I’ve accumulated at my feet.

As you know, I often sell my dirty panties, stockings, heels, and socks to my kinky followers. But some are amongst the elite tier of customers.

John, a 39-year-old Brit whose foot fetish had been reawakened following his divorce, had originally contacted me through my profile on Adult Friend Finder, a fetish hookup site.

We’d chat, swap pictures and regularly flirt on Adult Friend Finder (AFF), and I knew all the buttons to press to make John a quivering, horny mess.

He lived on the other side of the UK but dreamed of meeting me in person and worshipping at my feet.

To bridge the gap, he’d bought countless pieces of my dirty lingerie, shoes, and underwear to huff whilst he flirted with me on AFF. But one day, everything changed.

The Birthday Boy Cometh

“Exciting! What have you got planned for your 40th?” I asked John on the AFF messenger after he told me his birthday was coming up next week.

“Sadly, nothing much!” John replied, “most of my friends are either away with friends or tied up with other arrangements, so I’ll probably just go out for a few pints to celebrate”.

I refused to allow one of my adoring followers to spend such a milestone birthday in such a dismal fashion. So I made John a proposition.

“Why don’t you come to visit me around your birthday? I’ll cover your train ticket and have a birthday cake ready for you”, my message read, “but you won’t be eating it in the normal way.”

John enthusiastically agreed. I told him to “bring a serious appetite”, and less than a week later, he was standing outside my front door with a hard-on bursting through his pants.

“It’s open”, my AFF message read, “on your knees and crawl into the living room; I’m waiting!”

I heard the door close and the sound of Jonh’s knees connecting with my hard laminate floor. I could hear his breathing becoming heavier as he crawled towards me.

In the living room, I was sitting on a chair, completely naked. My pert tits were covered in baby oil and audaciously hanging in mid-air, and my tight blonde pussy was rudely exposed.

“Open wide, birthday boy!” I barked at John, “I want you to give my divine trotters a sloppy blowjob!”

As soon as he saw me, he stopped in his tracks, and we locked eyes. I watched his gaze sink down my irresistible body and down towards my petite, alluring feet.

In front of my toenails was a round birthday cake covered with messy icing and pumped full of sweet, sticky cream.

“We meet at last, birthday boy!” I said in a low, sleazy voice. “I hope you’re ready for your birthday cake, you little pervert! Take your clothes off.”

I felt my pussy pulsate as I watched a shellshocked John strip bollock naked and return to his knees. He had a nice meaty surprise between his legs that lived up to his pictures of AFF.

“I’m going to use my toes as a knife to cut the cake”, I told him assertively whilst tying back my blonde hair, “the sweet surfaces and sweaty crevices of my divine feet will be your plate.”

“O… Ok, Mistress,” John’s voice said, quivering, “t… thank you, Mistress!”

Wet And Messy Sploshing

It must have felt like time had stood still for John as he watched my immaculate feet slowly ascend towards his birthday cake and proceed to crush it.

My feet were turned into an audacious mess of sponge, cream, and icing as the cake structure was rudely forced between my toes, across my soles, and up around the sides of my feet.

The foundations of my divine body pulled out, causing the ingredients of John’s birthday meal to drop back into the sloppy, crushed mess below before slamming back into it.

I ground my soles into the deformed mass of sweet ingredients for ten minutes until my feet were barely visible through the mess.

When I was done, I called John towards my feet. It was feeding time. He gripped my ankles tenderly, and I laughed as I watched his hands shake with nervousness and excitement.

In one swoop, John’s mouth engulfed my food-covered toes. His eyes closed in lust, and he sucked the sordid mess from my sticky feet with all he was worth.

I sparked a cigarette and watched with glee at the sub worshipping me from below. The noise in the room was unlike anything I’d ever heard before.

He slurped, gagged, and breathed manically as he fought to consume the birthday cake lining my feet’ intricate nooks and crannies.

His long scraped the sweaty sole of my foot before plunging between my toes. It looked like a wet earthworm popping up between my painted toenails.

“Open wide, birthday boy!” I barked at John, “I want you to give my divine trotters a sloppy blowjob!”

His mouth opened, causing a trail of spit and cake mess to drop on the floor. I stuffed my toes deep in his mouth and kicked my leg back and forth to fuck his throat like he was a cheap whore.

John’s eyes rolled as he gagged like a slut. I switched my feet back and forth. Before long, my feet were glazed with deepthroat saliva and his tears. It was beautiful!

I could feel my pussy throb at the sight of my sub worshipping my feet, combined with the sensation of the cake mixture caressing them. I wanted to cum desperately.

No Food Sex Is Complete Without a Warm, Sticky Beverage

After an hour of licking every inch of my cake-covered feet, they still weren’t clean. I’d truly stepped deeply into the food, and John’s tongue wasn’t up to the task.

Placing the sole of my foot onto his forehead, I kicked him away before sliding up the chair and spreading my smooth legs to reveal my blonde, breedable pussy that was glistening with lust.

“How’s your mouth feeling after all of that cake, birthday boy?” I asked whilst drawing a circle around my wet pussy with my index finger.

“It’s really dry, mistress,” John said in a raspy voice, “but it’s such an honour to eat food from such a divine plate!”

“It sounds like you need something to wash that cake down with”, I said with a grin, “put your head between my legs. I have a wet reward for your hard-working mouth”.

Grabbing him by the hair, I thrust John’s cake-covered mouth into my quivering pussy that was aching to be tongued. He lapped at it like a thirsty dog as I held his head firmly in place.

I could feel droplets of my juices leaking down my thighs for mere seconds before John lunged down and slurped up any leakage.

The sensation of stray sugar sprinkles from the cake he’d sucked off my feet in the splashing session felt mind-blowing on the tender, sensitive mounds of my pussy.

I wrapped my legs around his body and rested my feet on his back. As I humped my pussy across his face, my feet left streaks of icing and cream on his back from the sploshing fun.

Using his tongue like a cheap dick, I thrust my hole onto his mouth and rubbed my clit ferociously.

“Stay there, fucker!” I grunted with lust, “your thirst is about to get quenched. I want you to slurp up every drop of my divine squirt!”

I could feel the unmistakable bubbling deep in my stomach as my orgasm began to build

My feet pressed into John’s back, my hands violently pushed his face into my fleshy mound, and I unleashed a feminine roar that bounced around the room. I was cumming hard.

John tried to pull away as my juices flooded his mouth and nose, but with my feet firmly holding him into place, he was going nowhere.

He gurgled, moaned, and gagged as I flooded his orifices with my ejaculate. His chest hair glistened with my squirt as his mouth struggled to contain my orgasmic flow.

When my orgasm subsided, I kicked him away with the base of my foot. A small pool of my gush that had fallen from John’s mouth had gathered on the wooden floor below.

He was breathless, red-eyed, and ruined. But I was far from done. Placing both feet into the divine mess that lay below me, I ordered John to clean it all up with his mouth.

He drew upon his last reserves of sexual energy and did as he was told. His tongue connected with the floor and slurped up the sweat of my feet and the juices of my pussy.

As a final reward, I plunged my fingers inside my pussy and scooped out as much of my divine natural lubricant as I could before smearing it all over John’s screaming erection.

Placing my sticky feet together in front of him, I ordered him to relieve himself and cum over my pretty little toes in tribute whilst I rubbed my clit.

The room filled with the sound of slapping cock meat and the soft hum of female masturbation for around a minute until John’s eyes rolled, his body quaked, and his cock erupted.

Sweet sticky ropes of hot cum painted my dirty feet as my sub moaned like a whore. Watching his seed trickle down between my toes, I was inches from a final orgasm.

“Do what needs to be done, John!” I ordered, “clean off the mess you’ve made from Mistress’ toes!”

Post-orgasm, John was slightly apprehensive about slurping up his own cum from the lowest part of my body. But he knew better than to back out.

As his mouth enveloped my spunk-splattered feet, I laughed as he gagged from his own seed before engulfing another knee-trembling orgasm and flailing wildly before slumping into my chair.

Within fifteen minutes, I bid farewell to John and sent him home with a cocktail of birthday cake, female ejaculation, and his own semen lining his entire mouth.

This was a birthday of splashing and wild and messy sex he would never forget. “Same time next year?” I grinned as he left my house.

John was far from the first foot-sucking sub I’ve lured into my lair through Adult Friend Finder. It follows a recent story of when I invited a sexually frustrated MILF to indulge in taboo foot sex.


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My name is Victoria and I’ve always been a sexually ferocious, liberated, and dominant woman who isn’t afraid to get what she wants. The heart of my kink is firmly within my feet, and I have many subservient followers who have dedicated themselves to trying to find it. I pride myself on the harem of pathetic, sole-sniffing, sweat-licking men who have dropped to their knees to join my proverbial harem of foot slaves. Such experience comes with great responsibility. I decided to form Barefoot Bitch to share the beautifully forbidden joys of foot fetish to people worldwide, connect with like-minded kinksters and expand the ranks of my collection of male and female foot slaves.